BTS - Album [Butter] (Random Ver.)

BTS - Album [Butter] (Random Ver.)

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* The shipment of pre-orders will begin when both albums & items(posters) are released and available to ship together!

Air delivery is possible for orders up to 30 kg. If you order more than 30 kg, please divide into orders of 30 kg.

* The outer case is for additional protection. (Damage of the outer case can not be the reason for returning or exchanging)

Music sales data from both ON & OFF-LINE STORES, will be completely counted for GAON CHART/MUSIC BANK CHART.

* If you want to Order UNFOLDED posters in cardboard cylinder, please contact us:

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-Butter Single CD 2 ver.  [ Cream , Peaches ]
*Different versions will be sent in case of purchasing 2 or more
-1 CD : each version 1p
-Out Box : each version 1p  W 140 X L 140 X H 40 (mm)
-Photobook : each version 1p W 137 X H 137 (mm) / Cream 108Pages, Peaches 104Pages
-Photo card : random 1p out of each version 8p
-Instant photo card : 1p ( same foe each version )
-Photo stand : each version 1p  W 137 X H 95 (mm)
-Folded message card : random 1p out of 7p
-Graphic Sticker : each version 1p
-Lyrics : 2p ( same for each version )
-Poster : each version 1p / W 822 X H 548 (mm)   / First press limited