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For group order, refer to bottom of this page

Reminder :

* The shipment of pre-orders will begin when both albums & items(posters) are released and available to ship together!

* The outer case is for additional protection. (Damage of the outer case can not be the reason for returning or exchanging)

Music sales data from both ON & OFF-LINE STORES, will be completely counted for GAON CHART/MUSIC BANK CHART.

* If you want to Order UNFOLDED posters in cardboard cylinder, please contact us:


1 Album random 2p photo card ( Photo card 20 types)
1 Album random 1 Photobook (Photobook 3 types)
1 Album random 1 Mini Poster (Mini Poster 5 types)
1 Album random 1 Sticker Pack ( Sticker Pack 2 types)
1 Album random 1 Newspaper (Newspaper 2 types)

<Pre-order benefit>
1 Album random 1 Poster  (Poster 3 types)
1 Album random 1 Postcard set  ( Postcard set 2 types)
1 Album random 1 Hidden Card (Hidden card 5 types)